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Shocking features of the Ukrainian care homes for mentally disabled people (PNI)

August 10, 2023, 23:55 176 Author: Albert Pavlov Mass violations of human rights continue in psycho-neurological institutions for people with disabilities.

I am reading results of visits of human rights defenders to Ukrainian psycho-neurological institutions (PNI) and orphanages for children with disabilities:

"On their birthday, the inhabitants receive shaving machines and foam as gifts" (I wonder how they shave, if the birthday is still far away?)

"3.6 square meters of space per inhabitant in the bedrooms" (this is a bed and a bedside table, and almost everything!)

"$ 95 255 are in the pupils' accounts and are not used by the administration, because it does not know how to use it"

"The inhabitants are forbidden to rest on their own beds during the day (only at night)"

"The inhabitants are isolated in the premises of the basement floor for "bad" behavior"

"In a children's boarding house for 115 people, there are 94 wards - adults under the age of 57" - I wonder why this institution is called an orphanage? (perhaps only in order to have more staff and higher wages).

And I also look at these three toilets without partitions, but with a new tile - and I understand that the problem is really in the heads, not in money.

It is interesting that monitoring visits take place constantly, violations are reported, but it does not seem that even one director or other person has been brought to justice for the abuse of inhabitants of psycho-neurological institutions. Of course, the director cannot build new rooms by himself, but still, a lot depends on him.

I am sure that something is wrong with our society if we send our people with disabilities to such institutions for the rest of their lives, where their rights to personal space and privacy, medical care, freedom of movement, employment are constantly violated.

I think that in order to change the situation, it is necessary to at least understand who is responsible for these institutions. For example, at the level of Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine Oksana Zholnovych, I do not know a person or department who would be responsible for PNI and their reform. There are departments of social protection at the regional level, but even there the responsibility is "blurred", and they often nod to the regional council, which is the owner of these psycho-neurological institutions.

And in the regional council, the majority of deputies have no idea how these institutions can be reformed and where to go. In general, it seems to me that these institutions are not at all interesting for deputies. I would be glad if competent people would correct me if I said something wrong. But while we find out who is responsible for this mess, there is no need to stand still - you can already help these people in some way.

For example, to help us create supported living homes. Thanks to you, we raised $2000 to buy a small house, but we still need to buy the land under it ($1000) and then - repairs. In addition to financial support, we need building materials, furniture, household appliances, construction volunteers, journalists, and advertising and SMM agencies for information dissemination.

I will be happy to answer all questions: +38 066 513 34 35 (all messengers).