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Help us to create a supported living house for disabled Ukrainians

July 28, 2023, 21:45 607 Author: Albert Pavlov We announce the collection of money for the repair and organizing of the supported living house in Cherkasy region of Ukraine

Friends, Helpus plans to buy a small house and create a supported living there for 3-4 people with mental disabilities.

Location - the village of Scherbinovka of Cherkasy region. In this village, it is already operating Project assistance to graduates of psycho-neurological institutions (PNI) , as well as supporting IDPs and families in difficult life circumstances. A charitable organization working at a church led by a shepherd Sergiy Rayevsky has already helped to 15 people. Also in this small village a bakery, carpentry and sewing workshops have been created, there is land for agriculture.

Thus, the house will not be created in an empty place, but in the community of people who have been helping people who are in difficult circumstances for many years.

The house together with 1 acre of land we already bought for $ 3000. Now the 3 rooms are ready for living and have needed equipment and furniture.

We need support to build the extension of the house with new kitchen and living room, which allow 5 people to live here. The estimated cost of finishing the hous is about $14000.

Residents of the house will be able to grow vegetables and fruits for themselves on the plot with the help of volunteers, as well as take part in various events of the local community (and there are a lot of them). We have already created several such houses, so I am sure that we will succeed now.

You can help both financially and by transferring building materials, furniture, equipment, as well as as a construction volunteer.

These houses we created in 2011-2018

The view of the house at march 15, 2024

We will be grateful for your support are important!