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Many years ago, back in 2004, several Zaporizhia volunteers created the Children of Zaporizhzhia website, the purpose of which was to help orphans. Zaporizhzhia Regional Charitable Foundation "Happy Child", which provides systematic assistance to orphans, sick children, large families and families in crisis, orphanages and children's hospitals of the Zaporizhia Region.

During the years of operation of the fund, assistance was provided to hundreds of children. But we also had to refuse dozens of people. Because they are adults. And we as a "children's fund" could not help them. And they could not even advise where to turn. Because there were very few funds that help adults in Ukraine.

Therefore, in 2012, the "Helpus" website was created by Albert Pavlov, Irina Havrysheva, and Roman Kirchenko, employees of the "Happy Child" foundation, and in 2015, the "Helpus" charitable foundation was registered in Zaporizhzhia.

We consider the main tasks to be:

- helping people with mental and physical disabilities to escape from the walls of public psychiatric institutions isolated from society. For this, we build and organize small (for 5-10 people) supported living houses (or group houses), where people with disabilities can live in conditions close to family, while maintaining contact with society;

- we promote the reform of the PNI at the state level and protect the rights of the inhabitants of the PNI;

- depending on available resources, we provide help to seriously ill people, mainly residents of the Zaporizhzhia region of Ukraine.

We always welcome new volunteers and project participants.

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Volunteers of the foundation:

Director of the foundation: Yuliia Pavlova

A generator of ideas, an activist, a revolutionary, a destroyer of stereotypes, a reliable wife, a mother of many children

March 2, 2023, 11:30 158
Volunteer: Viktor Barabanov

Viktor is a foundation volunteer in Zaporizhzhia.

March 1, 2023, 23:01 132
Foundation volunteer: Albert Pavlov

Personal page - why I am in Helpus and why it is important to meе

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