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Rules for placing requests for help for adults on the Helpus website

The site Helpus publishes a request for help to adults who are in a difficult situation. Unfortunately, the number of requests exceeds our capacity by many times, so we will not be able to place many requests.

1. Conditions for placing a request on the website

- age - older than 18 years

- request, photo, statement and medical certificates, doctor's appointment, and pharmacy or clinic bill sent to ua (requests sent through social networks, Viber and other methods are not considered, we also cannot consult by phone)

- consent to publication of history, photos, contacts on the Internet and mass media;

- a mandatory condition – the person who applied for help or his relatives undertakes to comprehensively contribute to the collection of funds by the fund (distribution of links on the Internet, social networks; search for places to install boxes for collection of funds)

2. When placing information on Helpus, priority is given to:

- residents of the Zaporizhzhia region, whom we can visit in person;

- life-threatening situations;

- situations when assistance can be provided on the territory of Ukraine.

3. We do not support:

- money upon application. Meetings are held on fund accounts, reports are posted on the website. With the collected funds, we buy medicines, equipment or pay for treatment directly at the clinic. The volume of donations and the speed of their arrival depends on the reaction of donors and your contribution to the dissemination of information;

- for treatment with unconventional and unproven methods and drugs, nutritional supplements, etc.;

- for repayment of old debts and loans (even if they are for treatment);

- for funerals;

- to pay bills for luxury treatment, fees to professors, meals, fees to brokerage firms;

- to pay bills for treatment issued by clinics with a dubious reputation;

- if the applicant does not agree with the rules and ideology of Helpus (full transparency of the fee, reporting, assistance in the management of fees, etc.)

- when the applicant cannot provide documents or other evidence confirming the required amount of donations (bills, estimates, doctors' recommendations, etc.)

- through third parties (a statement signed personally by a needy person is mandatory. An exception is possible only for people recognized as incompetent in the case of a guardian contacting us or those who are in an unconscious state, which must be documented)

- we do not post anonymous requests for help on the website (without posting the photo, name, documents of the person who needs help).

- in situations where the project coordinators do not have the opportunity to check the authenticity and relevance of the request;

4. In order to contact Helpus for help, you need to write us a letter to the address, describing your life situation, needs, the required amount for treatment, marital status, financial situation, what amounts have already been spent on treatment, your personal contribution to fundraising, hobbies, profession, etc. and add the following documents:

- scans of recent documents confirming the crisis situation (medical reports, recommendations and prescriptions from doctors, certificate of low income, etc.)

- in case of need for treatment in private clinics or abroad - bill for treatment from these clinics;

- in case of need for conducting expensive examinations, purchase of medicines - the doctor's appointment;

- passport and identification code scans;

- high-quality photos (video possible) before and during the illness/crisis situation (minimum 5 DIFFERENT photos). The effectiveness of the request largely depends on the quality and "vividness" of the photos;

- names and contacts of people and organizations that can confirm the crisis situation (doctors, social workers, neighbors, etc.)

- contact information (home address, home and mobile phones, e-mail)

- a signed statement requesting the posting of information on the website;

We will only respond to applications from people whose requests we can place on our site, who have provided all the necessary information.

5. In case of posting information on Helpus, the applicant undertakes:

- provide the project coordinator with information about income collected in other ways (groups in social networks, websites, through acquaintances);

- provide the Helpus coordinator with news about the stage of solving the problem, the status of the applicant, etc.;

- inform the Helpus coordinator about changes in the situation, plans, contact numbers;

If these conditions are not met, the project coordinator assumes the right to close the fundraising on the Helpus website.

6. We will stop fundraising and move the request for help to inactive if:

- at the request of the person who asked for help

- when the necessary help is provided (through the Helpus project or in other ways)

- when the request for help is no longer relevant

- when the volume of donations exceeds the needs for the near future

- if there was a recorded case of giving us, as well as other people, inaccurate information (about income, expenses, needs, etc.)

- in case of non-compliance with the rules for posting information on Helpus (items 1, 3, 5)

- in case of loss of contact with the person who asked for help (no response to calls and letters for one month)

- in case of non-targeted use of assistance (fraudulent actions), information about this will be posted on Helpus and transferred to law enforcement agencies