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The Bardysh family needs support

September 20, 2023, 8:00 275 Author: Albert Pavlov Vitaly and Natalia escaped from the boarding schools, and now they and their daughter need our support.

The Bardysh family needs support

Today we visited a unique family in Ukraine, which deserves much more support than it is receiving now.

Vitaliy and Natalya Bardysh once lived in psychoneurological boarding schools in the Zaporizhzhia region. People usually live in such places all their lives. But Vitaly always dreamed of escaping from there. In 2015, he left Lyubitsky PNI and started an independent life.

A year later, thanks to the efforts of Vitaly and volunteers from the church from Mykhailivskyi PNI Natalia "resigned". Vitaly and Natalya soon got married. And 3.5 years ago, they had a daughter, Anya.

Vitaly is a very hardworking person, and thanks to his savings, he bought a house in the village of Shcherbynivka, Cherkasy region. Little by little, volunteers and one of the charitable foundations are helping to furnish the house, and Vitaly himself is saving money for decoration. But these funds are not enough.

For now, the family lives in other people's houses in, to put it mildly, modest conditions. The washing machine recently broke down and there is also a problem with the fridge. Well, completely from the realm of fantasy - a computer or laptop for children and adults. But, of course, all Vitaly and his wife's dreams are now about finishing the renovation and moving to their own house, owning their own garden.

The Bardysh family needs support

I would like to add: this family needs special attention and help, considering the child and the disability of both parents. This is a risk zone, but at the same time an opportunity to create a unique precedent, showing the possibility of people with this type of disability to create families and even raise children.

We are sure that the next time we visit Vitaliy's family, we will be able not only to help financially, but also to offer some kind of solution for the social support of the family.