Donation via VISA/MasterCard

At the time of debiting, the amount may change by 2 – 3 percent due to conversion between payment systems. The change may appear in your statement in 1 – 2 days.

Regular donations

Вank accounts

You can use US dollars account of our partner organization "Happy Child", Ukraine
Company name: Charity foundation “Happy Child”
Name of the bank: JSC CB "Privatbank", 1D Hrushevskogo Str., Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine
Company address: UA 69061 Zaporozhzhia, Tsentralna street b.3, apt.4
IBAN Code:
Account in the correspondent bank: 0011000080
SWIFT-code of the correspondent bank: CHASUS33
correspondent bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York USA

We suggest you to write us the date, sum and target of your donation


You can send donations to the PayPal account of the founder of Helpus foundation Albert Pavlov:

Money transfers

You can use Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria and any other which works in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine for the name:
Iryna Ryazanova, Zaporozhzhia, Ukraine (accountant of the foundation)

In order for us to receive a transfer, tell us the transfer code, transfer amount, country, city, sender's name and purpose of the donation to the e-mail

Parcels with humanitarian help

You can send parcels with humanitarian aid to orphans, low-income families and sick children.

Please, write us to and we discuss the best way of sending parcels

Support for the needs of the fund

In order to effectively help those in need, the fund makes a lot of efforts - it checks and places requests for help, maintains accounting, reports to the tax office, and concludes agreements with clinics. We also support communication and send reports to thousands of donors, prepare fundraising campaigns, write grants, place public service announcements, etc. All this requires the well-coordinated work of several employees who need to be provided with computers, a place in the office and everything necessary for work.

We try to minimize the costs of the service needs, but not to the detriment of overall work efficiency. On average, the fund's expenses for fundraising and office needs are 8-12% of the volume of receipts. We are confident that by increasing investments in the structure of the fund, we are increasing the amount of assistance provided. Thus, every dollar invested in the development of the fund gives several times more funds for those in need of assistance. We will be grateful for your understanding and support of the fund: