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Donation usage policy

Many thanks for the desire to help children and trust in the Fund!

The Fund provides full reporting of all receipts and expenses from accounts on the Reports page.

The Foundation accepts donations of the following types:

1. Unaddressed inappropriate donations

In this case, the purpose of the payment is “Charitable donation” or "Foundation goal". Such donations are used for the purposes specified in the charter of the foundation (emergency assistance to seriously ill people of Ukraine, payment for examinations, medicines; purchase of medical equipment; assistance to low-income families; assistance to mental institutions and group homes for disabled people; service needs of the fund (office rent, employee salaries, communications, etc.)

2. Targeted (targeted) donations

In this case, the purpose of the payment indicates “Charitable donation to [name of the project] or [full name of the person in need]”. In this case, donations are used according to their intended purpose.

If it is impossible to use the donation in a way defined by the Donor:

- completion of fundraising for the needs of a specific person in need or for a project at the time of receiving a donation;

- refusal of official representatives of a person in need of further treatment, inability to carry out the planned treatment or change the type of treatment to less expensive;

- death of the needy and more;

The Foundation, in the presence of contacts of the Donor, tries to contact him/her and determine the new purpose of the donation. If it is impossible to establish contact with the Donor, the Fund uses the donation listed for the treatment of other children or for other projects of the Fund that meet the statutory goals.

3. Unsubscribe from recurring payment

In order to unsubscribe from a regular payment, send an email to indicating the subscription parameters (name of the sender, phone number, amount, date of the last payment).

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