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Life after Bakhmut...

July 27, 2023, 21:55 113 Author: Albert Pavlov These women escaped from hell. Someone saw the death of their son, someone lay helpless without care. And now - a new life in a Ukrainian village. .

One of these women from Bakhmut witnessed how her son was killed by a russian projectile in the garden.

Another woman was chained to a bed, and during the heavy shelling, the carer left her to her own devices. She was without care for two days until volunteers found her.

Both women now live in a tiny room in a center for displaced people in the village of Scherbinivka, Cherkasy region. Another 5 elderly and disabled people live in the house. And also a family of volunteers together with a 4-year-old child. These people feed, bathe and morally support the elderly. It looks like a very unusual family.

The conditions are really difficult. But this is currently the only home for war-shocked grandparents. And they don't want to move anywhere.

Pastor local church "Lighthouse of Freedom" Serhii Raevskyi plans to expand this house by autumn and create more or less normal conditions here. In his project in Shcherbynivka, in addition to this house, there are 30 more displaced people, as well as large families, people with addictions, former homeless women and graduates of psycho-neurological institutions. A total of 170 people.

And now Serhiy and his team continue to build housing for these people. These are very modest and cheap houses, which are created using frame technology by the forces of this community. But it is comfort and the only home for those who have nothing else.

I will write a little more about this project later. In the meantime, I am asking you to support the purchase of building materials, which will make it possible to expand this house of hope and mercy.