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How psycho-neurological institutions for people with disabilities spend money

May 6, 2023, 10:25 113 Author: Albert Pavlov Analysis of purchases in some psychoneurological psycho-neurological institutions for the beginning of 2023.

Analysis of purchases in some psychoneurological psycho-neurological institutions for the beginning of 2023

When you enter the overcrowded building of a psycho-neurological institution for adults (PNI), you realize that people should not live in such conditions. The poor, the stench, the lack of staff, poor food and medical care - and these are only some of the problems. Of course, all this can be solved gradually - by increasing state funding, attracting the help of philanthropists, and changing the management in these institutions. But before pouring new resources into this system, it is necessary to deal with the sources of these resources due to corruption, irresponsibility of the staff or someone's stupidity.

With these thoughts in mind, I devoted a few days to studying procurement through PROZORRO in Zaporizhzhia and Kyiv psycho-neurological institutions (PNI). What I will tell you is that despite PROZORRO and other improvements, many boarding schools continue to purchase food and other goods at 10-50% more than the average retail price.

And I'm very interested - when the director of the boarding school signs the contract and buys a slate for $18 instead of $ 12 - is it stupidity, corruption, or something else? When one boarding school buys oil at $ 9 per kg, instead of $ 5 (for such a price another boarding school buys) - how to call it? The director simply gives $ 10 830 to the laying firm on one purchase!!!

The real volume of purchases is hundreds of times larger, and with a more in-depth analysis, it will be about millions.

I did not analyze constructions and repairs, but compared prices for goods with a clear name, which makes it easy to find the current price.

The following conclusions:

1. Due to poverty and military difficulties, boarding schools for some reason continue to give up to 20% of their budget to intermediary companies. Moreover, sometimes the same company sells products, slate, and coffins with crosses to the boarding school.

2. Despite the use of the Prozorro system, one or at most two firms participate in the auction through various tricks. Many boarding schools hide the exact name of the purchased products, so it is impossible to compare prices. Also, instead of actively looking for suppliers, responsible persons in boarding schools prefer to sit and wait for the supplier to come to them by himself.

3. Despite the availability of such powerful tools as Prozorro, Dozorro,, civil society in Ukraine still lacks active people, knowledge and other resources to control, at least selectively, these purchases.

I will also be glad if you recommend experts who can advise on some issues about public procurement and Prozorro:

- how government customers can attract more tender participants;

- can psycho-neurological institutions themselves be active in finding suppliers;

- what other tricks are used by customers for corrupt purposes;

- which prevents suppliers from participating more actively in tenders.

I will be grateful for feedback and advice! (write to

Purchase link:

- SANINO toothpaste for $ 1 instead of $ 0,5

- Fitolikar shampoo is purchased for $ 2 instead of $ 1,3

- starch for $ 2,5 instead of $ 1,3 per kg

- OSB plate 730 UAH. instead of UAH 580

- slate $ 20 instead of U$ 12

- butter in one boarding school for $ 9 instead of $ 7,7 another psycho-neurological institution

- medicines are on average 10-20% more expensive than the market retail price.