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Saving jobs is one of the key tasks of the regional council

May 3, 2023, 18:15 86 This was emphasized by the deputy head of the regional council, Vladyslav Kutsenko, during a meeting with the labor team of the CU "Veselivsky Psychoneurological Boarding School".

Today, there are 398 wards in the institution - the communal institution resettled residents of the Tavriy PNI of the Pologiv district, which was located near the zone of active hostilities. Despite the increased workload, the team of the Veseliv Psychoneurological Boarding School, led by director Oleksandr Nadtochii and deputy director Oleksandr Kryvtsun, fully ensure proper accommodation and medical care for their wards.

Vladyslav Kutsenko, together with Deputy Vyacheslav Kolesnikov and deputies of the Zaporizhzhya District Council and Shirokivsk community, were personally convinced of this.

The territory of the boarding school, buildings and rooms in them are clean and well-kept. The facility has its own farm that provides residents with meat, a greenhouse, workshops, agricultural land, and its own ponds.

In addition, a temple was recently built on the territory of the institution, which will be able to receive local believers in the near future.

- I consider it completely inappropriate to talk about possible reductions, optimizations, and even more so about closing this communal institution. The Veselov psychoneurological boarding school will continue to work in full, and our team will make every effort to ensure the stable development of the communal institution. Today, the boarding school has a professional, well-coordinated team, and there is "fresh blood" and healthy ambitions of the institution's administration. Therefore, we will support this institution, - emphasized Vladyslav Kutsenko.

Department of Communications of the Zaporizhzhya Regional Council