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Almost 40% of boarding houses in Poltava Oblast were built 100 years ago

January 29, 2024, 16:00 127 Author: Yanina Murdza Boarding houses from the social protection system of Poltava Oblast have 59 buildings. Almost half of them are in an emergency condition.

>Almost 40% of boarding houses in Poltava Oblast were built 100 years ago

Lishchyniv Psychoneurological Boarding House; Photo – Poltava OVA

The director of the regional Department of Social Protection Lyudmila Kornienko spoke about the situation with boarding houses at the meeting of the deputy committee on health care on December 20, 2023.

In 14 boarding houses of the Poltava region, inpatient care services are provided to children with disabilities, the elderly, and people with disabilities. The buildings of all institutions need updating, because they were built in the last century:

22 buildings were built before 1920;

20 buildings - until 1970;

15 buildings - until 1980;

2 buildings - until 1990.

According to Lyudmila Kornienko, 26 buildings are in a state of emergency. Over the past few years, 16 project and estimate documents have been developed for the renovation of boarding school premises, but only one has started to be implemented. It is about thermal modernization and reconstruction of the heating system of the Novosanzhar boarding house.

Also, most institutions do not have shelters. Only 8 boarding houses have basements. No money was allocated for their arrangement.

Generators in boarding houses in case of power outages

Generators have been prepared for boarding schools in Poltava Oblast in case of power outages.

The heating season has started in boarding schools of the region. In case of blackouts, the institutions have stockpiled water, medicines, and long-term storage products.

69 electric generators of various capacities were prepared for uninterrupted operation of boarding houses. Part of the institutions are equipped with additional boilers that work on alternative types of fuel.

Some boarding schools require larger generators. It is also necessary to expand the network of institutions in the region, arrange shelters in them, update the material and technical base, etc.

We will remind that in the Lishchyniv psycho-neurological boarding house, a capital repair of the building was carried out to increase the number of beds.