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In Shcherbynovka, work is boiling

September 27, 2023, 20:00 150 Author: Albert Pavlov The "Helpus" Foundation continues the creation of a house of supported living in Cherkasy Oblast.

In Shcherbynovka, work is boiling

Shcherbynivka is full of work, and the warm, sunny weather contributes to this. Who is not aware that the "Helpus" foundation is creating a house of supported accommodation for 4 people with disability In fact, we give special people the opportunity to live at home, not in a boarding school, cultivate the land and integrate into the community.

Yesterday we delivered wood, mineral wool and soft tiles for the roof over the bathrooms. We are preparing the foundation for the furnace and the extension. Windows and front doors should arrive in a few days.

Every day we pay quite large bills, which far exceed the number of donations. But we are taking this risk, going into debt in order to finish the concrete works and the roof before the frost.

Usually, those who directly build are rarely written about. But I will tell about these people, because it is very important.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the family of Vitaly and Natalia. These are people with disabilities who escaped from psychoneurological boarding schools and started families, raising a three-year-old daughter. I provide the photo in the post. And it is Vitaliy who is currently helping us a lot in construction. Vitaly owns another house in Shcherbynivka, but it also needs repairs to be habitable. Therefore, our construction is an important job for Vitaly, and support for his family.

Also, Dmytro and his son Ivan, who live in the neighboring house, help us. This family's house also needs repairs. The work allows them to improve their family's life and repair their home little by little.

It turns out that by supporting one project, you provide important support to two more local families.

You can help the project both financially and with building materials, furniture, household appliances, reposts or publications in the mass media.

We will be very grateful for a regular donation for this project

Also, on our website you will find other details and payments via PayPal, as well as full reports.

Thank you all so much for your continued support!