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An apartment has been opened in the Veselovsky psycho-neurological institution!

July 16, 2017, 10:35 303 Author: Albert Pavlov On July 10, 2017, a joyful and in many ways unique event took place in the Veselovsky psycho-neurological institution in Zaporozhzhia region - an apartment was opened for living for 5 inhabitants of the psycho-neurological institution.

This means that a few women will now be able to live almost like ordinary people, with a little support from the staff. We discussed the creation of this apartment with the director of the psycho-neurological institution Alexander Sergeevich Nadtochiy back in 2013. Thanks to donators, the Helpus Foundation (a subsidiary of the Happy Child Foundation ) allocated about $3,700 to repair and equip the apartment, many of the work was done by the psycho-neurological institution itself. As a result, a cozy service apartment, located in the house for employees a hundred meters from the psycho-neurological institution, will now become a real home for the inhabitants.

I would like to say that supported living homes or group homes for people with special needs are a widespread practice in developed countries. In some countries, group homes have practically replaced the system of large psycho-neurological institutions and psychiatric hospitals. People in such houses and apartments are well integrated into society, they feel like in a family. For example, in France and other countries, communes of such houses have been created - "Ark" or L'yarsh (founder - Jean Vanier). The state provides for the basic needs of such homes, and volunteers help make the lives of special people as comfortable and dignified as possible.

So, the "Fun Apartment" is open, the girls settle in there, but, as always after a housewarming party, there are a lot of needs. It is necessary to buy or receive as a gift - 2-3 bedside tables, 2 bunk beds, a wardrobe, a hallway with a mirror, a couple of chairs and a coffee table.

We dream of a permanent employee who will patronize the residents of the "Fun Apartment", help with the organization of leisure and life, just be a friend who will help. In order for such a person to work stably, a certain salary fund is needed.

Those wishing to help - write to, call +3 8 066 513 34 35

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