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Photo report: Unusual concert of unusual people (+ video)

May 7, 2013, 23:00 200 Author: Albert Pavlov, Kuznetsova Alina On April 29, 2013 in Zapozizhzhia a concert of inhabitants of psycho-neurological institutions "Pure in Heart" was held

Many have heard that there are orphanages and psycho-neurological institutions for orphans, and probably some even helped them.

But there is another system, about which much less is known - psycho-neurological institutions for adults. In the Zapozizhzhia region, 1970 people live in 9 such psycho-neurological institutions. Most live there all their lives. These are disabled children (cerebral palsy, congenital mental retardation, hydrocephalus, etc.), people with mental disorders (schizophrenia, etc.), the consequences of injuries and diseases, various types of dementia, including those due to alcohol and drug use.

This year Helpus volunteers visited several of these psycho-neurological institutions. We were deeply impressed by what we saw. Dozens and hundreds of destinies. A lot of talented people who, despite their peculiarities, can and want to participate in creativity. Many psycho-neurological institutions are located in remote corners of our region, so volunteers and charitable organizations are infrequent guests in such institutions.

That is why we decided to organize a concert called "Pure in Heart". We invited guys who show themselves in creativity. We were helped in organizing the concert by the Department of Social Protection of the Population (special thanks to Andriy Kovpak), the Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Psychology of the Zapozizhzhia National University (special thanks to the Dean Ponomarenko Olga Viktorovna and the head of the laboratory Mamay Natalya Aleksandrovna).

So, on April 29, 2013, at 12:00, hall 8 of the ZNU building (the former Drobyazko Palace of Culture) was filled with spectators. It must be said that filling a large hall (400 seats) for such an event is not an easy task. But despite all our fears, the hall was almost full. The spectators were the inhabitants of psycho-neurological institutions themselves (about 100 people), students - future social teachers and social workers, journalists and simply caring people.

ХHelpus - concert of neuropsychiatric boarding schools

Helpus - concert of neuropsychiatric boarding schools

Helpus - concert of neuropsychiatric boarding schools

Welcome speech by Fr. Romana

Helpus - concert of neuropsychiatric boarding schools

Welcome address by the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. pedagogy and psychology ZNU Ponomarenko Olga Viktorovna

In the hall, the guests of the event could see wonderful crafts and products made by the hands of the inhabitants. And a few minutes later, both inhabitants of psycho-neurological institutions and guests, young Zapozizhzhia performers presented their performances - Nikolay Bilyk - the owner of the Grand Prix of the regional competition "Spadshchina", Evgenia Averina - the winner of the international competition "Stars of Adygea", the owner of the Grand Prix of the international competition " Divosvit", Dmtiry Kuzmin with his rap composition "Children".

The first to speak was Kruzhnov Sergey, a representative of the Preslav Psycho-Neurological Institution, and a ward of the Kirov Psycho-Neurological Institution Romas Yekaterina.

Helpus - concert of neuropsychiatric boarding schools

Sergey Kruzhnov and Ekaterina Romas

Then Anatoly Lazarenko, a representative of Mikhailovsky psycho-neurological institution, appeared on the stage. Anatoly happened to go through a difficult path, losing loved ones along the way; become stronger and stronger in spirit, faced with injustice and betrayal; despite the loss of fingers on both hands and the amputation of limbs, he managed to maintain hope for the best and learned to love again.

Once in a dream, Anatoly dreamed of a windmill, and he decided to create a model of it using matches and glue. And from matchboxes, he created a robot. That's how his wonderful work came about. In addition, Anatoly began to write poetry.

Helpus - concert of neuropsychiatric boarding schools

Anatoly Lazarenko from the Mikhailovsky psycho-neurological institution, despite the absence of fingers on his hands, makes crafts and composes elements

Helpus - concert of neuropsychiatric boarding schools

Anatoly Lazarenko gives an interview to the TV channel "Zapozizhzhia"

Helpus - concert of neuropsychiatric boarding schools

Once in a dream, Anatoly dreamed of a windmill, and he decided to create its layout using matches and glue.

Then the audience greeted with applause the poet from Oryol psycho-neurological institution, a man with a pure soul and a big heart - Vladimir Movchan.

Helpus - concert of neuropsychiatric boarding schools

Vladimir Movchan reads his own poems to the accompaniment of young volunteers

Young people from the Kalinovsky and Lubomirovsky psycho-neurological institutions presented beaded works that require hard and painstaking work. When asked by the presenter about what makes them put so much effort into these works, Sergey Polukhin from Kalinovka answered modestly:

- To be seen!

Indeed, for many residents of psycho-neurological institutions, participation in such a concert is an event of great importance, a chance to believe in themselves and experience completely new emotions.

Helpus - concert of neuropsychiatric boarding schools

Sasha and Sergey from the Kalinovsky orphanage are making crafts from beads, thanks to the help of volunteers. For a few more years, they sat all day long, looking at the ceiling and white walls.

Helpus - concert of neuropsychiatric boarding schools

Crafts from beads made by inhabitants of Kalinovsky and Lubomirovsky psycho-neurological institution

In the next issue, the audience got acquainted with the bright duet - brothers Ivan and Andrey Zolotarenko from Zapozizhzhia psycho-neurological institution on Veliky Lug. By the way, Ivan and Andrey also have a third twin brother, who also lives in a psycho-neurological institution.

Despite all the difficulties and hardships, these guys have retained the most valuable thing - love for people and openness to life.

During the guys' appearance on the stage, there was a technical problem - the sound engineer could not find the right music. But thanks to the help of volunteers and to the applause, Ivan and Andrey performed the song without music!

Helpus - concert of neuropsychiatric boarding schools

Brothers Ivan and Andrey Zolotarenko from the Zapozizhzhia Orphanage on Veliky Lug

In the next number, the groovy and cheerful, small but with a big heart Larisa Pershina from the Preslav psycho-neurological institution performed on stage

Music for our next hero turned out to be an eternal and devoted companion. From childhood, in the circle of friends and on the big stage, he used to give the audience a good mood, performing kind and bright melodies on the accordion. The representative of the Oryol psycho-neurological institution, Eternal Veniamin Viktorovich, pleased everyone with his skill. And after the performance “V in the cube”, as Veniamin Viktorovich calls himself, he told us that, although in recent years he has been living 150 kilometers from the regional center, his native places are the center of Zapozizhzhia, Lenin Avenue in the area of the Small Market.

Helpus - concert of neuropsychiatric boarding schools

Veniamin Vechny from the Oryol psycho-neurological institution

4 girls from Kirov psycho-neurological institution showed a wonderful dance "Ukraine", and Sukhenko Vyacheslav from Orlovo amused the audience with a humorous poem about Angelica Varum. In addition, Vyacheslav knows a lot of songs, and happily performs them with a guitar.

Helpus - concert of neuropsychiatric boarding schools

Dance performed by inhabitants of the psycho-neurological institution of the village Kirovo

In the next number, a man appeared on the stage who put not only his voice, but also music into his song. Composer Dmitry Ostapenko, with the romance "Victoria", surprised everyone with his sincerity and penetration. Dmitry graduated from the School of Culture, and is able to write a dozen songs in one night.

Helpus - concert of neuropsychiatric boarding schools

Composer and poet from Orlovo Dmytro Ostapenko can compose up to 10 songs per night

Helpus - concert of neuropsychiatric boarding schools

Dmitry Ostapenko tells reporters about his work

In the final number, to the thunderous applause of the audience, all the participants sang the song “Closing the Circle” together.

Helpus - concert of neuropsychiatric boarding schools

The final number - the song "Closing the Circle"

We held such an event for the first time, so we had plenty of concerns. Despite this, the concert was a success, and brought joy to both participants and spectators. Obviously, such events should be held more often, because, as Democritus said, “Life without holidays is a long way without an inn.”

Finally, we would like to mention the people who made every effort to ensure that the concert took place. These are Alina Kuznetsova, Katya Magnitskaya and Oleg Batyrinsky. Thank you so much!

p.s.: if you want to help organize traveling mini-concerts in psycho-neurological institutions in the region, write us about it! To organize such concerts, we need help in paying for gasoline, and pure-hearted, caring volunteers!

Video about the concert on the TV channel "Zapozizhzhia":

Video about the concert on the "TV-5" channel: