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Olga Khorlikova

February 19, 2021, 19:01 139 Author: Olga Khorlikova, Anastasia Khorlikova пїЅPlease help me breathe! Take off these damned packages from my head!пїЅ

Olga Khorlikova, 08/17/1994 born

Diagnosis:: Cystic fibrosis.

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пїЅThe lack of proper treatment is torture! If you have cystic fibrosis, you feel constant suffocation. As if a plastic bag was pulled on your head and you forced to breathe in it. This disease requires life treatmentпїЅ. this is how Olga describes her life. She lives in a row for more than 8 years thanks to the help of philanthropists, since unfortunately the state does not fulfill its obligations prescribed in the laws of Ukraine and the Constitution.

пїЅIn cystic fibrosis, all internal organs suffer completely, as long as I can remember, I take a large number of medicines. My life and the life of my loved ones are similar to the movement of proteins in the wheel - in a circle, without stopping, in a constant struggle for every sip of air.

Since childhood, when everyone went to school, I was treated and studied at home. Every morning, both then and now begins and ends with inhalations, pills and physiotherapy. Now I have already grown and work, but daily rituals are unchanged, only the number of drugs has grown exponentially.

Every day I am learning to live without lowering my hands, I learn not to pay attention to the people who shun me, or give advice on the treatment of cough, I am forced to humiliate myself, knocking on the thresholds of officials in search of medicines, every day I force myself to be strong.

I can and want to live better, I want to work fully, love, give birth to children, do what I love, but .. Again and again, without a struggle, I cannot survive. Now I am in a helpless state. I have only two options - to accept and slowly fade away, or to do the unrealistic and start a fight! I choose the second path, until my last breath! To do this, I need to start a course of treatment with Bramitob and Colomycin as soon as possible. Please help me breathe! Get those damn bags off my head!пїЅ

One course of treatment lasts 6 months and costs 6 767 $. It will likely need to be repeated. After all, Olga has been fighting Pseudomonas aeruginosa for several years now, she is resistant to most antibiotics. Even if Olya works around the clock, she will not be able to collect that kind of money on her own. But we believe that together we can get through this!

The family lives in Zaporozhye.