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A crazy russian general accuses Ukraine of occupying a Ukrainian psycho-neurological institution

June 22, 2022, 21:35 12 Author: Albert Pavlov At the same time, russian aggression in Ukraine has already killed dozens and evacuated thousands of residents of psycho-neurological institutions.

A crazy russian general accuses Ukraine of occupying a Ukrainian boarding school

The corps of the Oskilsky PNI in the Kharkiv region destroyed by the russians in March 2022

Of course, it is difficult to surprise someone with the delusions of russian schizo-fascists. But a recent statement is startling.

A crazy russian general accuses Ukraine of occupying a Ukrainian boarding school

It turns out that the Ministry of Defense of russia has a humanitarian headquarters. It is headed by this miracle in shoulder straps named "general myzyntsev". And so recently "it" announced "that Ukrainian nationalists occupied a psycho-neurological institution in Sloviansk." Well, it's not shiza?

I visited this psycho-neurological institution in 2014, and then "thanks" to schizo-fascists, there were twice as many inhabitants living here. So far, the schizoid in the photo and his ilk have unleashed a war and forced thousands of people with disabilities to leave places where they have lived for decades. And now people with psycho-neurological disorders, cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome and just elderly people from homes for the elderly live in evacuations in institutions that are 2-3 times overcrowded. Dozens of psychiatric psycho-neurological institutions in Ukraine under russian occupation (there are 4 psycho-neurological institutions in the Zaporizhzhia region) have had huge problems with the supply of medicines and products for more than 3 months, without communication, inmates do not have the opportunity to communicate with their relatives, etc.

The Borodyantsi psycho-neurological institution near Kyiv was run by Chechens for several weeks, and 12 inmates died of cold and hunger. In the end, the "liberators" painted the walls of the building with their feces.

At the end of the publication, "general mizyntsev" complains that the UN, WHO, the Red Cross and the international community do not respond to russia's statements about violations and cannot convince Kyiv "to take effective measures to prevent the use of civilian infrastructure by the armed forces of Ukraine for military purposes ".

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