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A new assisted living facility has opened in Pereyaslav, Kyiv region

December 14, 2023, 16:00 132 10 people got the opportunity to live in conditions close to family.

A new assisted living facility has opened in Pereyaslav, Kyiv region

Yesterday, thanks to the support of our project, a supported living facility was opened in the city of Pereyaslav, Kyiv region.

Ten people had the opportunity to live not in a psychoneurological boarding school, but in conditions close to home, receiving the support of qualified assistants. For individuals with mental disorders, this presents an opportunity to live as independently as possible. They can learn to take care of themselves, manage a household, and become self-sufficient and active. For them, this is, without exaggeration, a chance to change their lives.

Although the assisted living facility in Pereyaslav is part of a psychoneurological boarding school, it is located in a separate small building among the residents of the community.

In addition to funds for repair work and home improvement, our project helped:

- improve the qualifications of employees at the assisted living facility;

- provide necessary expert and consulting support.

We continue to create and develop houses or apartments for supported living in communities to ensure a dignified life for people with mental disorders.

The project "Mental Health for Ukraine" is implemented with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine.