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Department of Palliative and Hospice Care of City Hospital No. 10, Zaporizhzhia (formerly Zaporizhzhia Hospice "Archangel Michael")

November 15, 2013, 12:00 354 Author: Albert Pavlov The hospice department is designed for 25 beds, staying in it is free, in the direction of the commissions of healthcare institutions of Zaporizhzhia.

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“The charitable institution HOSPICE “Archangel Michael” was established in our city in 2001. The impetus for the discovery was, to say the unfavorable situation in Ukrainian oncology - after the Chernobyl disaster, death from cancer took second place in the dangerous incidence. The initiator of the creation was the Zaporizhzhia City Council. The founders are the Zaporizhzhia Regional Organization of the Red Cross Society, the Regional mercy and health Foundation and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate. 25 places are planned, 12 of which will be strictly social. All this impact in the so-called "City Comprehensive Program".

Under the hospice, a building was allocated, built in 52-53 by the Aluminum Combine. A impressive amount was spent on repairs - collapsed ceilings, walls black with mold, rotten sewers did not correlate well with the new purpose of the one-story building.

In autumn 2018, the hospice was reorganized into palliative and hospice care at the Zaporozhye City Hospital No. 10.

The department provides general qualified palliative care of the secondary level and round-the-clock medical supervision of patients in the terminal stage of incurable diseases when it is impossible to provide primary palliative care on an outpatient basis. An adequate quality of life is ensured for incurable patients by preventing and alleviating physical, emotional suffering, using adequately effective pain relief, symptomatic drug therapy, surgical and other methods of treatment, qualified medical supervision in conditions where the possibilities of specialized treatment of the underlying disease are limited or, from the point of view of modern scientific ideas, unpromising.

The referral of patients to the department is carried out only in a planned manner in the direction of the selection committees of the city's healthcare institutions. Hospitalization in the department is carried out in accordance with the approved Procedure, the list of indications and contraindications for hospitalization.

Issues of social protection are being addressed. Patients according to social indicators are registered in a boarding house. If necessary, specialists of the polyclinic conduct qualification consultations in the specialty.

The department has a school "For Life" to organize social psychological assistance to patients, their family members and relatives, including training in caring for seriously ill patients and attracting volunteers from among them and classes in patronage nurses of the department for the supervision of non-transportable patients.

Hospice Needs:

- diapers, disposable diapers;

- dressing material - gauze, bandages, cotton wool;

- medical gloves are not sterile;

- medicines;

- terry towels;

- duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases;

- tonometers, thermometers, catheters;

- Food;

- medical clothing.


Tel: +38 (061) 224 07 34.

Head of the department - Baiduzhaya Elena Nikolaevna

Department page on the website of hospital No. 10


Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia, Shevchenko boulevard, 25 (on the territory of the 10th city hospital). (marked - for hospice department)